Conduct & Rules

Visitation is encouraged between sunrise and sunset. Visitation during nighttime hours is at one’s own risk and is discouraged. Overnight camping is prohibited within the Cemetery and will be considered as trespass.

The Cemetery District encourages visits to this historic Cemetery, but asks that proper respect for this hallowed ground be observed at all times. No activities are permitted that might cause damage to Cemetery grounds, headstones or monuments or disrespect to the deceased. Vandalism, destruction, defacing or damaging cemetery property shall be considered as malicious trespassing punishable under Colorado Law by imprisonment, fines, or both. Activities within the cemetery are subject to compliance with the state’s residential noise standards (see : 25-12-103. C.R.S.).


Children under the age of twelve must be accompanied by an adult within Cemetery grounds.  Any activity that may cause damage to graves, monuments or headstones is prohibited. The Cemetery is not a playground, and hazardous obstacles exist. Sports activities of any kind are prohibited within the Cemetery. The Cemetery District, and its administrators or caretakers are not responsible for harm, injury or death to anyone who enters upon Cemetery grounds.

Driving vehicles, motorcycles, or riding bicycles of any kind onto Cemetery grounds without  permission from the Cemetery Caretaker or Board of Directors is strictly prohibited. Vehicle access onto a Cemetery road is limited to those conducting Cemetery business or maintenance, or engaged in the act of a burial. Any permitted vehicle must stay on Cemetery roads and may not drive into any burial block.

Tributes are allowed as follows and may be removed by the Cemetery caretaker no later than two weeks from when they are placed upon the grave.

  • All tributes must be tasteful and within the boundaries of the gravesite.
  • The Cemetery District may remove any funeral designs, floral arrangements, dried or artificial flowers or plants as appropriate at its discretion without notice.
  • Height limit for tributes is 36 inches.
  • Potted flowers may be temporarily placed within 6 inches of or on the base of the monument.
  • Improper plantings or removal of grass from graves will be corrected at the expense of the perpetrator.
  • Do not leave alcohol or open beverage containers on graves.
  • No glass containers or adornments of any kinds

No persons with firearms shall enter the Cemetery. No incendiary devices of any kind are permitted on cemetery grounds. Private firework displays are strictly prohibited.

During Telluride’s harsh winters, monuments and headstones are buried under snow and are generally not visible. The Lone Tree Cemetery is not staffed or maintained during the winter months, and no burials are permitted. Please stay on roads when visiting the Cemetery during the winter months, as buried monuments are hazardous. Entering the Cemetery is at one’s own risk and the Cemetery District assumes no responsibility for injury or death to anyone within Cemetery grounds.

San Miguel County and Town of Telluride Animal Control Rules apply. Pets are allowed on Cemetery roads but must be accompanied by their adult owners or caregivers and must be on leash. Please clean up after your pets. Failure to do so may result in fines. Pet “poop bags” are provided for your convenience at the East Columbia gate.   A trash bin for disposal of waste is located at the cemetery shed.
Full body pet burials are not permitted in the Cemetery.


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No individual may install permanent planting of trees or shrubbery in the Cemetery.  Any plantings that exist within the Cemetery must be in line with the headstones for ease of mowing and a neat appearance, or they may be removed by Cemetery caretakers. The Cemetery Board does not guarantee maintenance, nor will it be liable for the life of plants within the Cemetery.

Burials and interments during the winter months, generally from November-April, are NOT permitted.
Located at an elevation of almost 9,000 feet, in a mountain region known for long, severe winters, burials and interments in the Lone Tree Cemetery are weather dependent and are prohibited during the winter months.  During this time, buried monuments and headstones can be a hazard or damaged and the ground is deeply frozen. Any exception to this rule solely at the discretion of the Cemetery District’s Board of Directors.