Per Colorado Revised Statute, Part 8. Cemetery Districts, C.R.S. 30-20-808 (2014); If there is a lot, grave space, niche, or crypt in the cemetery in which no remains have been interred, no burial memorial has been placed, and no other improvement has been made for a continuous period of no less than seventy-five years, a cemetery district may initiate the process of reclaiming title to the lot, grave space, niche, or crypt in accordance with this section.


The Lone Tree Cemetery is an historic cemetery, sitting on a rocky hillside. Sizes for full body plots within a lot may vary.  Plots dedicated to cremated remains will have varying smaller dimensions. A lot consists of two plots, located side by side.  Lots are located within Blocks. A single plot may be used for one (1) traditional full body or casket burial, and/or four-six cremated remains (cremains) as determined by size of urn or vessel holding cremains as well as subsurface conditions. No plot, lot or portion thereof may be filled above the established surrounding grade.  Subsequent cremations may be interred in a family plot which contains a previously buried casket with permission from surviving family members. Plots are solely for the use of the purchaser and/or his/her immediate heirs. Interment rights may not be reassigned. If a plot is to be reassigned, it must be sold back to the District for the purchase price at the time of sale.  It will then be reassigned at the current market value. Purchase of a right to use a cemetery plot allows the purchaser to inter human remains within the specified cemetery plot in accordance with the cemetery district’s applicable policies and procedures.  Purchasers of cemetery plots do NOT receive legal title to their burial plot. See: 30-20-808(7) C.R.S. 


There is limited space remaining in the historic Lone Tree Cemetery. Availability is limited to the New West Addition in blocks, plots and lots as determined by the Board of Directors. In order to insure the availability of burial plots for full time residents of the community, as evidenced by voter registration, distribution of plots is solely at the discretion of the Board of Directors and occurs as follows:

The District will arrange for this work to be done. The cost is borne by the family and payments must be made to the Lone Tree Cemetery District One. Only approved contractors shall be allowed to perform this duty. Graves must be closed to cemetery standards. Plots to be excavated must be marked by the cemetery district in order to maintain the accuracy of the placement of the graves and the records of the cemetery.

The Cemetery is located in a harsh mountain environment at an elevation of over 8800 feet and is maintained from May through October, conditions permitting. The Cemetery caretaker will strive to have grass and irrigation in all of the usable portions of the grounds and maintain the grounds in the best possible manner as conditions allow. In a February, 1991 recorded letter to the Cemetery Board, the Town of Telluride pledged to contribute water for irrigation and other operations of the Lone Tree Cemetery at no charge, provided that during times of low water yield or water shortages, which may cause the Town to prioritize water for domestic use over irrigation needs, the Cemetery will be asked to restrict or cease irrigation. Grass will be planted on graves when proper settling has occurred. Maintenance activities may include cutting grass, re-grading graves and lots, caring for trees and trash collection. There is no winter maintenance of the Lone Tree Cemetery.


Telluride, colorado

Proof of interment rights relies on records kept by the Cemetery District, only if such records are available, and/or a receipt for payment of interment right signed by a Cemetery official.

Plots/Interment Rights


No one may bury human remains or cremains in the Cemetery without first contacting a member of the Cemetery District Board of Directors in order to be certain the burial is in the proper allocated plot, lot and block, and that Cemetery procedures have been followed.  The Cemetery District requires at least 72 hours notice of burial prior to the time appointed for the burial.  Exceptions to this notice upon Board discretion only.
Every state has its own regulations regarding burials.  Please refer to the following for some helpful information regarding Colorado Burial and Cremation Regulations;


  • Immediate Need, full time residents within the Cemetery District.
  • Immediate Need, full time residents within San Miguel County, Colorado.
  • Advance Sale of Plots solely at the discretion of the Board of Directors, and prioritized as follows:
    • Full time senior residents, registered voters,  within the district or San Miguel County over the age of 65, who are engaged in end of life estate planning. Limit two plots, space permitting.
    • Full time residents and registered voters of any age within the district anticipating imminent need who are engaged in advance, end of life planning . Limit two plots, space permitting.
    • Any other advance sale of plots solely at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

  • There is NO PERPETUAL CARE OF MONUMENTS in the Lone Tree Cemetery. Monuments, headstones and flat markers must fit within the plot, allowing at least 2 inches from either side of the plot.
  • MONUMENTS:  limited to 42 inches high from the ground. The width of a headstone must allow for at least 2 inches of unused space on both sides of the gravespace. So on a 4 foot wide single plot, a headstone may be no wider then 44 inches on the foundation of a single plot or 92 inches wide on a companion marker (a lot). 
  • The maximum depth of a FLAT MARKER or HEADSTONE can not exceed 44 inches wide x 36 inches unless it is marking 2 adjoining plots. 
  • Fencing, coping, railings, vaults, ledger plates or embankments may no longer be used on any plot or lot to define a gravesite. Any requests for variation from these standards are discouraged and are solely at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
  • PLACEMENT OF HEADSTONES: Placed at the head of the grave in monument row.  No monument company nor individual may place a headstone without first contacting the Cemetery Caretaker or Administrator at least 48 hours in advance. Headstones may not expand more then 2 spaces.
  • PLACEMENT OF FOOTSTONES: Placed as close to or abutting the headstone.
  • FOUNDATIONS: No footstone or headstone foundation shall be less than 3 inches thick.
  • Any upright memorial standing over 36 inches tall must be pinned with no less than two pins.
  • MEMORIAL BENCHES: Granite is the preferred and most permanent choice of material for benches in the historic Lone Tree Cemetery. Metal benches are not recommended in mountain locations in Colorado as they are subject to rust and deterioration due to the harsh conditions and moisture/snow pack we receive.  Regardless of material used for Memorial Benches, a granite foundation of no less than 3" thick, leaving 6" borders all the way around the bench for maintenance purposes, is required. Benches, regardless of material, must be adhered to the foundation and installed by a monument provider that is authorized and insured to perform monument installations in the Lone Tree Cemetery. Metal benches require a granite foundation and must be attached to that foundation. Any monument with metal, with the exception of stainless steel, titanium and bronze, must have a perpetual maintenance plan in place for the periodic maintenance of such monument. Metal benches are required to be attached using approved anchors, such as stainless  steel lag bolts or climbing bolts, and must be installed by a cemetery authorized licensed, insured monument company.  Benches with backs or arms are not permitted within a cemetery block. Locations for park style memorial benches, with backs, are limited, discouraged and may only be installed in designated plots located in the back row of the cemetery, on a space-available basis, subject to board approval. These plots bear an additional $3,000 fee in addition to the applicable plot assignment cost per the pricing category applicable. 
  • Monument Providers must provide a valid certificate of insurance prior to working within the Cemetery. All monuments will be inspected after installation. Monument providers are responsible for proper placement of headstones within the plot. It will be the company’s responsibility to replace the monument within 30 days of improper installation.
  • The Cemetery District, its administrators or employees are not responsible for the repair and maintenance of monuments, markers, curbing, urns or other structures erected upon any cemetery plot or lot, nor will the Cemetery District, its administrators or employees be responsible for theft or vandalism of flowers, vases, urns, benches, monuments, markers or other articles or structures on any plot or lot.plot.